Friday, March 20, 2009

I Heart Paytonology

I'm an artist. I LOVE all things creative. I had one wacky "spiritualist" tell me she saw my aura and that I am the physical embodiment of "Art" and that's why I have this Alien Silver Hair and color-shifting eyes. Well, I don't know about all that. Sounds to me like she had sniffed too much patchouli oil and ate too many funny 'shrooms. But I DO know this - I know true ART and pure creative talent when I experience it, and Mary Payton Daniels, an amazing fellow artisan and Etsy seller, is the embodiment of pure creative talent and a beautiful spirit!

I had the true joy of stumbling across Mare's showcase on Etsy, and knew from the moment I saw her work that she is something special. Those who know me know I am addicted to handcrafted artisan glass jewelery. I'm addicted to the yummy colors, and it truly expresses me. I literally have a little over 7 dozen glass pieces not counting earrings or bracelets! I bought 3 pieces from Mare, and we became fast friends. (And she became a Glint Girl and bought several of my bags!)

Anthony's birthday was coming up. Anthony said he had always wanted a custom leather bracelet made with a huge glass piece that would reflect his love of the ocean and water. I had no idea if Mare does anything with leather, but thought it couldn't hurt to ask since Anthony fell in love with her work too. Mare jumped on the project, embraced it and totally blew us away. She "tapped in" to who Anthony was and somehow created THE perfect glass piece that embodies Anthony. I won't say any more... I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

But I highly encourage you to check out Mare's work. Send her an email to say hello. She's a doll and I know you'll love her. She's BIG on customer service and making sure you fall in love with Paytonology. Anthony and I have, and it's now a lifetime of love with Paytonology.

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  1. C, just caught up with this post on your blog. You are so kind, and thoughtful. I love you too!