Thursday, April 9, 2009

Glint Gear Vacation Next Week

... No, I'm not taking a vacation AWAY from Glint Gear... I'm taking a vacation to GLINT for a week! In my day job, we are required to take all of our PTO (Paid Time Off) this year and can't carry anything forward into next year. I know, I know... life is rough, huh? I think it's wonderful because it forces us to get some R&R, even if we don't leave for an away vacation, so I was very happy about this! In these weird economic times, I'm grateful, and that news was a good thing for me. I know there are some of my co-workers who weren't happy about that, but I know that my company did this to keep from laying people off. So, since Ocean and I don't have any away vacations planned for this year and my job has asked us not to wait until the end of the year to try to take it all, I figured I'd take my own "Spring Break" to Glint!

This week I've been focusing on cutting out some new bags to sew next week. It's harder to get as much done when I get home at 6 or 6:30pm in the evenings after a long day. But I usually really do spend some time on Glint Gear each night. Whether it's tweaking my Etsy shop, reading up tips on the Etsy blog/Forums, cutting out something to sew, re-listing an item... it all makes a difference and builds upon itself. There was a time in my past when I was very hard on myself, and if I didn't have all my ducks in a row all the time with massive to-do lists and a perfect action plan, then I felt that I failed before I even left the starting gate!
So... back to Glint Gear... I have cut out so far a fisherman-styled kind of mini-messenger for a co-worker who wants a Glint Gear bag. She's seen the cut out pieces and the general design idea and likes it so far. I told her that if it's not her perfect Glint piece when I'm done, not to worry! I want my Glint Girls(TM) to be in LOVE with their Glint, not lukewarm! I'm sure she'll love it, but if not, I'll make something else that's perfect her and will sell the other. I also have another co-worker who wants a messenger bag she can wear with her laptop while she bikes to work. She like "Amber Storm," but we decided this was more of a city bag for walking and she needed a wider strap to wear while biking. I've cut out 2 different messenger bags so far. She didn't have a preference as to color or style and was open to any fun colors. I also have a shoulder back in chocolate brown and earth-toned Glint Fabric that's been cut out a while to sew.

And last night, I was feeling that I needed to do something to award and nuture myself, so I cut out my own Glint Gear bag! I have 3 that I wear from my early works that I like, but they actually aren't Glint-y enough for me! I have to rock the Glint in the world, you know? So I cut out a round wrislet in the style and size of "She's a Pinball Wizard," in a purple vinyl base with Glint Fabric I used for "Wonkylicious." I cut out a curved stripe pattern similar to a pinwheel like the shape to the right, but with only 6 Glint "stripes." I also made the circle off-center.... of course! I wanted something that reminds me of the circus. I can't wait to make it and rock it! I also have about 4 or 5 other Glint Gear swatches I've been saving for myself. We'll see what I do with those!

So, I'm sure I'll cut out more to sew next week. I want to do more coin pouches in 3x4 and 4x5 plus some more messenger bags. Plus I'm going to experiment with a laptop sleeve in hot pinks for my Mom for Mother's Day. We'll see how much I get done next week. Ocean warned me not to be hard on myself for whatever progress I make and to actually ENJOY my time of Glint-ing!

I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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