Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Update - Photo Area in full Swing

Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I've posted. What have I been up to... well, the biggest focus has been updating the photos on my Etsy shop. Ocean got the photography area up and running, and I think the new lighting is taking the pics to the HNL! It's a crude set-up to look at, but it totally works! He used small-sized plastic plumbing pipe to set up 2 make-shift softbox screens. he taped on white sheets with Guerrilla tape. We bought 2 square card tables at Wal-mart and put them together side-by-side. The screens sit on either side. He stapled the rest of the sheet to the top of the wall near the ceiling and draped it down over the tables. It's was less expensive to buy a simple white flat sheet at Wal-mart than a role of photography background paper.

We had to play around with what lights to use. We tried to bright halogen spotlights, but the light was still yellow. So we got 2 of those metal clip-on shop lights and 100 watt bright white bulbs... voila! I know nothing about photography, but am amazed at how the light translates in the little digital camera into that beautful light! I have to do very little color/light correction in Photoshop. Usually I have to use a blue photo filter to brigten up the whites just a little more, although it would work great without it. I'm just a fan of very crisp white light.

I still have bout 2 dozen more photos to update on Etsy, but it's coming along! I really feel that this it taking my shop to the next level. I also changed my avatar based on a critique I got from an Etsy Admin. Ocean took one of me with a bag. It's cute!

I didn't get much sewing done at all. I kind of had a meltdown this weekend and really think I was burned out a little. But the burn-out I think came from having too much pressure on myself and too much attachment that Glint Gear take off and start selling like hotcakes now. I need to just chill, take it one day at a time, do whatever I can each day, and let the Universe take care of things.

I still haven't started those bags people at work wanted to see, but I did finish an awesome new design I call the Orbit Bag. It's an OVAL shaped bag! The oval isn't perfect, but I LOVE it. It's quirky and has a Jetson's space-age kind of feel. Ocean took some great photos, but I haven't gotten them ready to post yet.

My focus for this week will be to begin the fisherman style that a lady at work wantd to see and to continue and hopefully complete re-taking and posting new pictures for all of my current products on Etsy. I feel that once I get that done, I'll feel better about the shop and can focus on new stuff and forge forward with new products.

I hope everyone is doing well. Make a great week!


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  1. Hi Celina, excellent info. Lighting is so important. I always have sort of a yellow tint to my photos if lighting is not good. Yes, the shoplight clip on is a good thing! I use it all of the time, and so reasonably priced too! Keep those wonderful photos coming!