Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's the little things...

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference! I got my labels in from Jennifer's Jewels this Saturday, and they are great quality and just perfect! She can do full color labels, but I preferred to keep mine simple and let the color of the Glint Gear do all the squawkin'. But the excitement of getting the labels in the mail inspired me to get back to the sewing machine! I was SO thrilled to sew on my very first one on this adorable pink clutch named Pink Sunrise. It's funny how something so small can really take your stuff to a new level of professionalism. I can't believe I waited so long!

I was very sick Wednesday through Friday of last week and stayed home from work. I slept all Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I was up, but still feeling bad, so I layed low and rested. Saturday I was feeling good enough to do a little bit of sewing and even go out to run a couple of low-key errands with Ocean. But I didn't have the capacity to work much on the special order bag I've been working on for a while. I did a little, but it got to a complicated part and I decided I'd better wait to continue when I was back to 100% since it took some calculations and precision. So... I came up with the new clutch design. They are really a whole lot of fun to make and don't take a lot of mental brainbusting. And I can have fun with the appliques and design. I made two of them this weekend and cut out/designed 3 more. Cutting out and designing the clutches didn't take a lot of physical exertion. I really do need to finish that special order bag. I know she's not in a hurry, but I've been working on it a while. I finally busted through my sewing block, so I think the progress will be much better. She's a friend and co-worker, so I've been able to share my blocks with her and she gets it.

Other little details that will make a big difference... I found a postage scale on EBay for under $20 and ordered it. That way I can box up each bag as a weight sample and finally calculate international shipping for my Etsy shop! Another little thing, I found the 2" metal tri-glide buckles
I had been hunting for messenger bags also on EBay and ordered a batch of 100! LOL! The D rings were working fine, but the tri-glides will add another level of "finish" to the messengers.

For Ocean, we got his mannekin ordered and I believe it's waiting for me when I go back to work tomorrow along with the natural colored organic tees we ordered for him! That will take his SquidInwear t-shirts to a new level as well.

Once I get the international shipping profiles done, my next big project will be to design a press release to send locally and to on-line blogs.

Onward and upward!

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