Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tribute to my favorite fashion designer

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H A P P Y   S P R I N G!
As promised, here are photos of the art deco cross body bag, which turned out incredible. I mader her as a tribute to my favorite designer of the Art Deco era, Erte. She makes a great new addition to any spring/summer wardrobe. The detail is stunning, and this bag was many, many hours in the making from start to finish. Including applique pattern design, cutting out and sewing, my time guesstimate is around 30-40 hours. Since this layered applique is so labor-intensive, I don't think I'll be making very many in this design!

I initially made the strap out of the gold upholstery fabric but was not happy with the results. The brown fauxe suede works best and gives a nice visual frame work for the front flap. I interfaced the strap with heavy sew-in craft stabilizer to give it a nice weight. 

This is the first bag to adorn the new garment label! I ordered these from fellow Etsy seller Jennifer's Jewels. I had her make them square and cut them out in the oval shape myself. I'm quite happy with how they turned out!

With all Glint Gear bags, they are all a labor of love.... I design them all to be my next personal favorite and as something I would be proud to wear daily. This one is truly one of a kind and one I'd be proud to rock! Erte Tribute is now posted on my Etsy shop and ready for adoption.

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