Thursday, April 29, 2010

Give a hoot

I like owls. There is just so much visual yum to be had from creative expression with owls. Here are some I found in my web trolling that tickle my fancy. I hope you find them fun too! 

Limited Edition Owl Jumper Dress by New York Couture

 "Halcyon" Futuristic Electric Car Inspired by Owls by auto designer Ralph Tayler-Webb

 Red Owl Purse by Patina

  DC Direct - Watchman Movie: Owl Ship Scale Replica

Owl Pillow by Snaggs (via Flickr)

 Another Owl Pillow by Snaggs (via Flickr)

Owl Clocks by Betty Jo Designs (via Flickr) 

 Vintage Owl Bank - Photo by Laura Bee Seattle via Flickr

Hoot Owl Cake & Cupcakes by somaamos via Flickr

Owl Hat by Adriana McNeely

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moxie Grand Opening Event!!!!

10% of all Glint Gear this Saturday for the Grand Opening event!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I love lamp.

Tall Chick by Daniel Loves Objects

Light Drop by Rafael Morgan

Glitter by Axolight

Muse by Axolight

MYBrain Table Lamp by Alexander Lervik

Blum by Axolight

Cloned Eyeball Lamp by 5.5 Designers

Sfera by Lampnet

 Moonwalk by Thomas de Lussac

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ocean Inks Across the Globe

I never cease to be amazed by technology and how it can connect us with those we would never reach in our lifetime without it. My talented husband, Anthony Ocean, has an amazing story of how his talent spanned the globe and made a permanent mark, literally, on the life of a stranger.  

My husband Anthony, who goes by Ocean, has an amazing talent for illustration. It comes so naturally to him, that he just doesn’t get what a truly gifted artist he is. Take a look at his web site (which I am in dire need of updating with his new work), and you’ll see what I mean.

Last year, he received an email from a stranger named Serban who said he was searching the web for an artist to illustrate a tattoo idea he wanted to have inked on his entire upper back. When he found Ocean's web site he knew he was the one to do it. The cool part is, Serban lives in Romania! Serban came to Ocean with a specific vision of what he wanted – an angel on one side and demon on the other, but gave Ocean room to put his spin on the concept. After email conversations about specifics and price, they committed to the project and Ocean got to work. The result is pretty amazing!

This was not the first time Ocean created tattoo art for clients. But after delivering final art, he had never seen photos of anyone who had it done…. until now! Serban absolutely loved the illustration and how Ocean brought his vision to life. He was totally serious about having a tattoo made of it immediately and already had his tattoo artist chosen and waiting in the wings for the art. Ocean had to “dumb down” his illustration style to accommodate it being inked as a tattoo, but the artist kept the art pretty faithful to Ocean’s illustration. It's fascinating to see Ocean's illustration versus the final ink. (I need to put this on his site.) And I’m amazed that my awesome husband’s art is living and breathing in the life of someone so far away. Way to go, honey. I’m so proud of you!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Glint Gear can now be found locally!

Kayci Wheatley has done it again! She's the founder of former Moxie & the Compound and got the bug to open up another handmade/vintage retail shop, this time in the up-and-coming East Side on E. 11th. She's calling it Moxie. She's handpicked local Austin artists and vintage sellers, and Glint Gear is proud to be one of them!

This is Glint Gear's first time in a brick and mortar location, and we are very excited about it! My talented hubby Ocean is putting all of his former time in retail management to good use, and is my merchandiser. Look at what an amazing job he did with our shelf!

It's due to open May 1st. Swing on by and support local handmade and vintage!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ocean made it to Etsy Front Page Again!

My husband, Anthony Ocean, is an amazing artist and Etsy artisan. He creates awe-inspiring and very detailed illustratrations and also makes one-of-a-kind hand pressed t-shirts, which he often freehand embellishes. They are all truly unique and special, just like him.

I was trolling to check in to see if either has made it to Etsy's front page recently and discovered that he actually did at 10am on Friday, March 12th, and we both missed it. Yay Ocean! Making the front page of Etsy is no small feat, especially considering all of the amazing talent on the site. Spiral shapes are my fav, and I just love the beauty of this front page. Congratulations, honey!

His shirt is on the 4th row in the middle.

[click on photo to be taken to live version of the feature on]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's New...

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Here is a sneak peak of what's in the works and what is freshly done. The above photo is the front flap of a new cross body bag in the works. I'm going with my favorite space/orbit theme for the appliques. I absolutely love the colors and textures of this one and can't wait to see it finished!

Below is a peak at a new cosmetic pouch I just listed on Etsy.

In other news, I'm very excited to be invited as a participating artisan in the new handmade shop being opened up by the founder of former Moxie & the Compound! She's opening up a new shop in East Austin in early May, and is calling it Moxie. I'm very thrilled because this is Glint Gear's very first brick and mortar assignment! I need to get busy making new stuff so I can stock whatever shelves I end up renting at Moxie and can still have enough for Etsy. More details to come as I learn more!