Thursday, April 29, 2010

Give a hoot

I like owls. There is just so much visual yum to be had from creative expression with owls. Here are some I found in my web trolling that tickle my fancy. I hope you find them fun too! 

Limited Edition Owl Jumper Dress by New York Couture

 "Halcyon" Futuristic Electric Car Inspired by Owls by auto designer Ralph Tayler-Webb

 Red Owl Purse by Patina

  DC Direct - Watchman Movie: Owl Ship Scale Replica

Owl Pillow by Snaggs (via Flickr)

 Another Owl Pillow by Snaggs (via Flickr)

Owl Clocks by Betty Jo Designs (via Flickr) 

 Vintage Owl Bank - Photo by Laura Bee Seattle via Flickr

Hoot Owl Cake & Cupcakes by somaamos via Flickr

Owl Hat by Adriana McNeely

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