Friday, April 9, 2010

Ocean made it to Etsy Front Page Again!

My husband, Anthony Ocean, is an amazing artist and Etsy artisan. He creates awe-inspiring and very detailed illustratrations and also makes one-of-a-kind hand pressed t-shirts, which he often freehand embellishes. They are all truly unique and special, just like him.

I was trolling to check in to see if either has made it to Etsy's front page recently and discovered that he actually did at 10am on Friday, March 12th, and we both missed it. Yay Ocean! Making the front page of Etsy is no small feat, especially considering all of the amazing talent on the site. Spiral shapes are my fav, and I just love the beauty of this front page. Congratulations, honey!

His shirt is on the 4th row in the middle.

[click on photo to be taken to live version of the feature on]

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