Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Alien Seaweed" Glint Home Illustration Featured on Etsy's Home Page!

Those who are familiar with the Etsy world know what an honor it is to have one of your items featured on the front page. There are literally hundreds of thousands of talented artisans on Etsy. I logged onto my Facebook this morning to a great surprise! I had my Facebook Etsy tab options set to automatically post on my wall if one of Glint Gear's items should be featured on the Etsy front page, an lo and behold, my Alien Seaweed illustration was featured!

In case you don't know how you get to the front page, Etsy sellers and staff can curate and share Treasuries, which are lists of their favorite items. I've only done one, but there are quite a few people who have a great eye for designing beautiful lists. Etsy staff troll the lists and pick lists they deem "front page" worthy. 

I am very grateful that Glint Gear has been featured on the front page 3 times and on the Etsy blog once. Thanks to everyone who gives Glint Gear this fabulous support.

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