Saturday, September 24, 2011

Check out my friend's new book, "Salvation"

I am graced to know so many extremely talented people and have BIG news to share about one of them. Dear friend Chip Transue aka Charles Kent, has published his first novel!!! I gotta say, I'm excited and can't wait to read it because knowing Chip's talent, it's gonna rock. Also pretty excited that Ocean illustrated Chip's cover concept art. ;)

Chip is another beautiful example of following your dreams until they materialize. So proud of you, Charles Kent!

Below is Chip's official announcement. Please take a look and buy the book!
"I’m announcing that, after two years, my first novel, “Salvation”, has been published and is now available for sale through the publisher’s website,, in hardback for $21.95, trade paperback for $16.95 or e-book for $6.99. The publisher has my personal author’s website ( in the works, and will soon send out a press release to announce it to the world of book retailers and reviewers, after which it will be available for sale through other retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To see a synopsis and order the book now, go to Click on “Shop”, then “Search” and enter my pen name, “Charles Kent”. Clicking on either ordering link (hard copy or e-book) will give you a synopsis and my author’s bio.

Please order and read my book, and feel free to email me directly with your evaluation."

Here is the direct link to his book on virtualbookworm:

Monday, August 8, 2011

The finished bag...

I had posted a green wedge bag in progress... Thought you'd like to see the finished bag. I call it "Warp Drive." Groovy, huh? More photos can be found on my Etsy shop.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Never Say Never

Hey everyone! I am back! I know it's been a while since I've posted. I took a hiatus from Glint Gear after working every spare minute on making product for the trunk show back in February at Gallery Black Lagoon. But I am back at the cutting table and ready to rock Glint Gear again! Can't stay away too long from something that you love, right?

I wanted to share a recent discovery about Glint Gear... and that is, "never say never." I said I didn't want to varnish the painted sections because I didn't want to lose the texture differences that occur in the painting process. But I've been using one of my new bag styles with all the Glint pieces varnished. I am a good test subject for Glint Gear because I am VERY hard on my bags. I throw them around and generally treat them rough. And the varnished pieces look great. Not getting dirty, and the cracks that I varnished over are frozen in the varnish and not moving. OK.... I am going to start doing what I said I wouldn't do... varnishing all the painted swatches before I sew them on. This not only helps with wear, but it also actually does make the colors pop even more. And those benefits outweigh my adamant stance about not flattening out the textures. Experience really is the best teacher!

The bag in this picture was a test model I made for the trunk show back in February. My mom had sent me these wonderful vintage bag rods she found. I had been dying to find a way to use them other than the traditional way. I LOVE the way this bag turned out and get compliments on it regularly. I made another one similar with an interesting hardware treatment that used a clip, a metal ring and wooden handle. Yea, odd experiment! I'll have to dig out a photo of it. That odd bag, which I named WTF?, was the hit of the show and sold. This one I carry would have sold, but in my frenzied experimentation, I made the two bar straps too wide and made the opening to fit my small hands. LOL. The next iterations will have smaller bar straps to create a wider hand opening. I have 3 more of the rob/knob sets, so am cutting out more of these. I need to either find these vintage rod/knob sets on Etsy or Ebay or find dowels and knobs to make them myself. 

Look for posts of new creations coming soon. And feel free to drop me a line at or on my fan page to let me know what's up in your creative world.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

On the design table now...

On the design table now..., originally uploaded by Glint Gear.
Happy New Year! Been a while since I blogged! Hope you all great hoidays and a great start to 2011!

I have been busy designing cool new stuff for the Austin Fashion Trunk show at the Gallery Black Lagoon on February 26th!

For more info, go to

or check out the Facebook event invitation :!/event.php?eid=191246254234501

Hope to see you there. Feel free to stop by just to browse all the great designer's stuff (including Ocean's Squid Inkwear T-shirts!) and say hello to us both. If you do want to invest in some Glint Gear or Squid Inwear, we will be set up to take credit and debit cards along with cash!