Saturday, August 11, 2012

Orange Sparkle Purse in the Works

Orange Sparkle Purse, originally uploaded by Glint Gear.
Finally back to the design table after a hiatus to dive into a few other creative loves that have occupied my time for several months.

I started taking improv comedy classes and have fallen in love with it! I've taken classes at The Institution Theater and Coldtowne theater. The Austin improv community is amazing, and I can't wait to be doing shows some day.

I've also been playing around with watercolor and pen & ink plus making a few blouses for myself to wear. I hadn't made garments in years, so it has been very rewarding to make some fun things to wear that you'll never see on the racks.

Now the trick is to balance doing ALL of my creative interests outside of a full time job. Don't we all have that challenge?

Anyway, I'm having fun with this bag and can't wait to share the finished product.

Hope your 2012 has been great!