Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hubba Bubba!

New item in my Etsy shop! This new cosmetic pouch has lots of POP! (I'm a fan of bad puns....) It reminds me of pink bubblegum, hence the name Hubba Bubba.

I'm having a lot of fun with these pouches and cut out several more in a range of colors. Look for them sometime soon.

Make a great week!!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

New Logo is finally done!

Hello all! It's a rainy day in Austin. I'm working on my job search as I do each day. Feeling a little lonely and out of touch today, but always positive and focusing forward as usual! Tomorrow is Anthony's birthday and he gets the day off with pay, so we are both taking the day off to celebrate, which will be fun. Being at home so much really reminds me how much I love being in the working world and around people every day. I guess that why I was so good at what I did on the sales floor at Hoover's. I know my perfect job is out there and will be found. But being the high-energy person that I am, I can't just sit around when I'm not doing job search activities! I've been taking advantage of the free time while I have it and have been working on Glint Gear.

I started revising the logo last year and got stuck on how I wanted the type treatment to look. But I finally sat with it and got it done! I LOVE the new identity. It says everything I wanted it to say - quirky, playful, unique, alien, lots of personality, funky and kind of odd. I have a love of round and curved shapes because of my fascination with anything having to do with space, planets, etc. I had a ton of fun morphing the alien "G" character with the purse for a bottom. I think this logo really expresses me and my vision for Glint Gear.

I've also come up with a tag line that eludes to the unique alien quirk of Glint
Gear: on the edge of the fashionverse™

Below is the new business card. I'm having them printed at I like them over Vista Print because they use a heavier card stock and they don't put their logo on it nor charge you to leave it off. I splurged on the $2 fee to have rounded corners! Now, I don't normally go for rounded corner business cards, but it works perfectly with my theme of circles/curves.

Well, gotta get back to the job hunt. Thanks for reading!