Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Lucky 13!

My Heart... the Little Engine That Could

Hellooooooo? Not sure if anyone even reads this. Pehaps I should switch to Tumblr???? Well, if no one is listening then I'll just have fun entertaining myself with this first blog post of 2013...

2012 was a great year creatively and generally huge for taking the next steps in my life. Last year took a huge leap in working towards expanding my self expression and re-engaging with the world to be "seen" again and come out of hiding, which is the only way to truly make a difference. Well, that's true for me anyway. After years of wanting and longing, I got the guts to take a risk and made a move. I enrolled in Improv 101 with The Institution Theater in March 2012. I pretty much ignored Glint Gear and painting for the first half of the year while I was in the honeymoon stage with my new love, Improv Comedy. I am addicted to performing and find it challenging and thrilling. The people I have met and grown to love are treasures. My life will never be the same and I thank the Universe for that.

I came back around to Glint Gear after the summer to start making new items for the holiday season. Along the way I played with my fine art self and had fun with pen and ink/watercolor illustrations. After the shopping season ended, I dusted off my easel (literally... it had cobwebs all over it. Now what does THAT tell you?). And... last year I even dipped my toe back into my poet's heart and have decided that my next new adventure (once I find the time), is to learn to write and perform spoken word poetry.

So as I turn the corner into Lucky 13, I have a wonderful new problem - how to balance all of my expressions while embracing new ones. Any tips would be appreciated if you have found success in that.

Well, enough about me. Tell me about your 2012 and dreams for 2013. What surprises came your way last year? What new worlds do you long to explore this year? TRUST me. Take that first baby step and don't look back. I promise you will be so glad you did.


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