Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Fun

Rainy Saturday in Austin... The rain is comforting and refreshing. I want to share with you a fun project I did in my free time around the job hunt. Ocean, my sweet and amazingly talented husband, asked me to make a TV dust cover using some Glint.

As I've probabl
y mentioned before, we use our space non-traditionally. We made the living/formal dining our art studio, Liquid Star Base, and made the master bedroom the TV room. I let Ocean have full creative reign on the color/theme for this room, and he chose something totally cool - Iron Man colors! We have only just begun painting one wall in the golden yellow. But when this room is finally done, it will be HOT!

The TV cover had to fit the color scheme, of course! I chose a Glint painted "fabric" in gold and black that Ocean painted himself over a year ago. I was going to just put a simple Glint stripe on black, but had a light bulb "duh" moment that the TV cover should have a superhero theme too. I asked Ocean what symbol he wanted, and he chose one of his favorites. Can you guess who this stands for? ;)

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