Saturday, March 13, 2010

Visual Richness

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I've always loved the simple beauty and graceful aesthetic of Art Deco. My latest cross body bag is a beautiful tribute to this love. This one has taken quite some time in the making with the incredible detail of the appliques. I'll post pictures of the finished piece, but wanted to share the front flap with you.

In the past, the vision I saw for Glint Gear was comprised of the main aspect of each piece being the
painted canvas portions. I was fearful of having anything take away from the "cool factor" of the painted canvas. In my earlier view, the less of other trims or fabric the better.

My vision is evolving as I allow Glint Gear to breathe life into itself. Lately I have been venturing out to explore more textures in fabric choices. I am finding that exploring more visual and tactile layers takes nothing away from the beautiful painted canvas... it actually enhances it and becomes a rich canvas and framework for the painted pieces.

My current exploration is to play with using upholstery and drapery fabrics to capitalize on their tactile and visual richness. This upholstery (or is it drapery?) remnant I happened upon is the perfect backdrop for the vibrant painted canvas and reminiscent art deco style. The faux distressed brown suede adds yet another level of depth.

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